You and Your Business is 100% Safe and Secure Here.
Considering the client’s facilities we strictly follow some rules.

1. First of all we like to assure you that, we never use our client’s a job/project for any personal or
comrrierciaI purposes, even any sample file.

2. We don’t keep password records of our registered clients.

3. We provide dedicated and secured FTP account to our clients, what is the user name and password
know only our clients and our top-level administration.

4. Client s details (e.g. name, address, phone no, email id,) are secured with the top-level management.

5. We provide registered company invoice against every payment.

6. We follow the international outsourcing manners and law.

7. Our website is built on high security to secure the client’s information from hacking

8. Our site is secured by Norton Safe web virus protection.

9. Since our hosting and database are under, fully safe and secured.

10. Our terms and conditions and privacy policy are in favor of the online outsourcing business.

II. We maintain service agreements with every employee, as a result, our workflow is always on go on.

12. We always maintain the business agreement with each and every client. Moreover as required we
maintain the payment agreement.