Buyers Guide
A guide for buying services on HireExpertPeople

1. Finding a service



Pick from a category

HireExpertPeople has categories including subcategories that contain tons of awesome services. Categories include graphics, link building, social networks, article writing and so much more.

2. Paying and Communication





It’s super easy to contact the seller. Also, thanks to the instant messenger styled inbox system – talking with the seller feels more personal and faster.



Manage your orders

Thanks to the newly redesigned management panel you can easily manage all your orders. You can post reviews, accept completed work or decline them if required – Everything in one place.


Paying for your service

There are multiple ways to pay for the service. You can pay using PayPal, Stripe, or BitCoin. These methods are very secure and fast. Also if you have funds on your HireExpertPeople account, you can use it.

3. Finalizing your order and rating


Your order is ready!

Now that your order is ready you can accept it or decline it. HireExpertPeople also offers instant downloads which means if you order something with an instant download, it will be instantly marked as ready

Reviews and rating

Now that you have accepted your order – It’s time to leave feedback. For that, you can write a comment about the seller and can leave a positive or negative rating. Keep in mind that buyers can receive ratings too.

Can’t figure out something? We would love to help.

Here is the section of our website where you can ask a question or help someone else with their problem.