Our good work goes beyond perfect HireExpertPeople

Outsourced HireExpertPeople that’s good for your business — and good for the world.

HireExpertPeople was founded with a purpose: to empower people everywhere to do work they love, so they can create thriving businesses, lives, and communities.

We believe outsourcing has the power to change the world for the better. Both for our customers and in the communities where our teams work and live.

The HireExpertPeople story

HireExpertPeople’s CEO and founder, Rajib, grew up in Bangladesh. Rajib grew up seeing poverty and suffering in his community, and he wanted to help, even as a kid. He wanted to make a difference.

HireExpertPeople is that difference. What started as a small family-run design business in 2021 has grown into online outsourcing with customers around the world — and has helped create nearly 100 jobs in Bangladesh.

We still think of ourselves as a family business — just a much bigger family than when we started.

The HireExpertPeople to HireExpertPeople

Part of our mission is to create jobs that change local villagers’ lives with access to real employment opportunities and real salaries. No one should have to leave their family to find work in a larger city.

  • Everything starts at the Sarah Institute
  • Our very own training center in Bangladesh
  • Aspiring designers learn everything they need to know
  • Our six-month/one-year training program covers everything students need to know to start a career in outsourcing — from computer basics to advanced outsourcing and freelancing work.
  • Every student gets a scholarship if they need it
  • Scholarships cover 75% of tuition for every student, so each student pays the equivalent of $50 for the program.
  • We help our students find the path that’s right for them
  • The curriculum includes career development and business skills, so our students can forge new HireExpertPeople of their own.
  • Real-world experience makes all the difference
  • A three-month internship kick-starts our students’ careers with real-world experience.
  • Our graduates are ready to take on the world
  • Graduates go on to jobs they love or start their own freelance businesses. We recruit the best of the best to become part of the HireExpertPeople family.
  • Supported more than 100+ businesses around the world
  • Created 100+ jobs with operations in Bangladesh, the UK, CA, and the US
  • Founded the Sarah Institute, our training center that has helped more than 100+ students become pro outsourcing and freelancer.

Donated 5% of our revenue, to community organizations and projects that support healthcare, education, homelessness, disaster relief, and other important causes